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Junior High Animal Club’s New Pets!


This year in the Junior High there are two new classroom pets…. Not fish. Not butterflies. Not snakes. Not even hamsters. Guinea pigs!

Guinea pigs originally come from Central and South America, but our two sister guinea pigs came from a nice lady in Omaha. The classes decided what to name them by nominating, then voting on names. The two winning names are Tinnergerm (Teege or Tinner for short) and Cugi (the Ho Chunk word for spoon).

The Junior High Animal Club has been doing some interesting activities with these animals. First, we built a maze for them to figure out. The first time they tried it, the maze took over 5 minutes for them to complete the obstacles. The second day, it only took them 3 minutes. We have proven that guinea pigs can learn, just like humans.

The Animal Club is responsible for taking the pets out to exercise and cleaning their cage. It’s part of our responsibility to make sure they are healthy and well-cared for. We weighed them last week, and their weights are 1 lb 11.5 oz for Cugi, and 1 lb 13.5 oz for Tinnergerm. They’re still less than a year old, so we’ll see if they gain weight and get bigger.

Our next project is sewing cloth bags or “dens” so they can be comfortable in peoples’ laps, and hopefully it will prevent them from pooping on us, too!

If you would like to come meet Tinnergerm and Cugi, please email Ms. Palmer at rpalmer@winnebagok12.org. You can come by any time after 3:00 pm.