January Art News from Mr. Mette


    Happy New Year! I hope the holidays were kind and that everyone got to spend time with family and friends.

    Well, all the semester pre-tests have been taken, new students added to the art classes and lockers assigned. Now it is time to be creative!

    The Art I classes are finishing up their unit over the art element space. They are currently learning how to create deep space using visual devices that are seen in atmospheric perspective. This will be a tempera painting that will be their transition to the art elements of color and value.

    The Art II class is continuing their unit on printmaking. They are working with linoleum blocks and will soon begin to learn about silkscreen printing. They will also continue their sketchbook assignments with Drawing As Inquiry.

    The Ceramics I-II class is currently working on more advanced hand building and wheel throwing projects. This semester they will learn to create plate-like forms, lidded pots and forms that incorporate a pedestal. Some of the assignments will be creating non-functional pottery that is purely decorative.

    The Painting I class is beginning their semester by learning about the source of color, the color wheel, a value wheel and value scales. They will have the opportunity to learning about mixing colors and value and will soon be learning about the 4 basic color relationships and what colors make up each of these. It should be a fun and colorful semester.

    The Entrepreneur class recently had a visitor from the Creative Center in Omaha. Ms. Kathleen Broderick gave an interesting and creative presentation about this graphic design school. She talked about the program and the art job possibilities in the commercial art world. There was a question and answer session at the end of her presentation.

    Feel free to stop by the art studio and see what your young artist is creating. It should be a fun and creative spring semester.


    Mr. Mette, art instructor