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Jade Farmer – Teacher and Coach


My name is Jade Farmer and I am an enrolled member of the Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska. I graduated high school from Bancroft-Rosalie in 2011 and from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 2016 with my bachelors degree in Elementary Education. I am currently teaching 2nd grade in Winnebago at the public school. My first year of teaching was last year and I taught 1st grade.

I love working within my own community and I see myself working at the school for many years. I am also the head volleyball coach for our high school team and this will be the first of many years coaching. I played all throughout high school and a little at the rec center when I went to school in Lincoln. I still play volleyball on the weekends or in tournaments. I am so happy I was asked to be the volleyball coach because now I get to share my passion with the girls.

I am currently engaged to Aaron LaPointe and I plan to be engaged for a long time because I have no interest in trying to plan a wedding while working, coaching, and going back to school. On top of all that, I have a son who is one and he keeps be pretty busy. We are also building a home in Winnebago so my family and I plan on working within our community for many years.

I am very excited to be going back to school to obtain my masters degree not only for myself and my family but also for my students, school, and my community. I am trying to lead by example for the youth and show them that there is more to life then what they have seen growing up on the reservation. I want them to leave home and go to school or even just attend the community college in town at least. I just want so many things for our youth and that’s why I would like to hold an administrative position someday. I would be able to reach more students than just the ones who come through my classroom.