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Interviews with P. Gilpin and A. Robles


During the weekend of February 14-18. Winnebago High School placed two wrestlers into the state tournament in Omaha, Nebraska. Prosper Gilpin at 285 and Antonio Robles at 113, both competed for state titles. Robles fought hard but was eliminated early in the tournament. However, Gilpin advanced all the way to the state finals, pinning every opponent until the final match where he fell 2-1. Here are some things each wrestler had to say about their experience in Omaha

We got a few words out of Antonio Robles about his ideas. He said that it, “felt pretty good,” making it to the state tourney. “I know the coaches were proud, and I’m proud of myself and that proves that I’m getting better.” According to Antonio the coolest thing about going to state was the hotel. Robles had a few words about his third match in the tourney. He wrestled against Spencer Bridgmon from Syracuse. “It was a pretty hard match because he had a little more speed than me. I plan on getting better and learning new things so I can win state my last two years.”

Prosper Gilpin advanced all the way to the state championship match, but couldn’t get the final push. We also got a few words with Mr. Gilpin as well. The first question that we asked was why he dyed his hair blonde. He said that he did it to make assistant coach Adam James look weird. The man didn’t have a whole lot of strong responses for us but he also said that it was crazy making it to the championship match. “Making it to state felt amazing.” This year Giplin has been most proud of finishing the season. His greatest memory of wrestling for WPS was his first day at practice, learning how to take a shot.