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History of Groundhog Day by Isaiah Armell


Every year we wait for a groundhog to look at its own shadow and see if it gets scared or not, and if it does, six more weeks of winter; But why? Groundhog day has its history come from an Ancient Christian tradition called Candlemas, which started the Virgin Mary’s purification after having Jesus. During Candlemas, all of the candles the Church has used are blessed by the Church. The candles themselves represent how long the winter is going to be. The Germans decided that they needed an animal to implant this idea onto. The hedgehog was chosen, and when they came to America, they replaced the hedgehog with the groundhog since they were plentiful. This national holiday started in 1886 and from there has been happening ever since. Other facts about groundhog day, the movie “Groundhog day” popularized the term “groundhog day,” which means repeating something repeatedly. The famous groundhog known as Phil is the nationally known groundhog for this tradition, but other parts of the country have different groundhogs. Phil weighs way more than an average groundhog, 22 pounds. ABCNews found no link between the weather and Phil’s predictions.


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