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Winnebago Public Schools Graduation Ceremony for the “Class of 2020”

On Thursday, April 16 2020 the Commissioner for the Nebraska Department of Education sent a message out regarding graduation ceremony guidance and interpretation.

1. The limits on gatherings apply to all type of graduation ceremonies.

2. Graduation ceremonies are interpreted as an extra-curricular activity and are ordered to cease per the Directed Health Measure for schools which at this time goes through May 31, 2020.

3. Virtual Graduation Ceremonies are permitted during this time.

4. All in person graduation ceremonies and celebrations must meet the state wide Directed Health Measure Order or should be postponed until such a time that the statewide order is lifted and that subsequent orders would clearly permit such gatherings.

5. Efforts to dismiss or subvert the Directed Health Measure may be considered a violation of school accreditation or approved rules related to health and safety and may be considered a violation of ethical standards for certified school officials

Therefore the Winnebago Public Schools Board of Education voted to set the graduation ceremony date to Saturday, August 1, 2020. Any Directed Health Measures in place on August 1, 2020 will be followed.

Mrs. Tremayne will contact the seniors after May 9 and set up a time to pick up a copy of their diploma. The original diplomas will distributed at the graduation ceremony on August 1, 2020.