Government Shutdown


    As you most likely know, Trump has been promising America a big, huge, beautiful amazing, and most of all, expensive border wall. So far, he has very much failed to deliver on this promise and he’s not the only one mad about it. Many of his supporters, such as Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh, are criticizing him for failing to secure the $5.7 billion needed to build his wall through governmental funding. So, on Saturday, December 22nd, after the partial failure to pass the resolution to fund the United States Government, the government was shut down. Then, in an interview after the shutdown, Trump took full responsibility for it and claimed he was proud to do it.
    So, now that our kid-president is throwing a fit and has shut down the government, America and its government are in a bit of a financial pickle. Without complete funding, the U.S. government can no longer complete the tasks it needs to in order to maintain the country it was made to watch over and protect. On the first day of the ‘partial’ shutdown, which is what it is being called because some of the governments funding has been figured out, multiple major agencies, such as the departments of Homeland Security, Justice, State, and the treasury, were affected.
    Then, four days later, the Federal Emergency Management Agency gave all federal contractors a “stop work” order, essential telling them to stop working because they will not be paid.
    Another day passed and another department bit the dust. The Department of Agriculture, on December 28th, closed its Farm Service Agency county offices, which provides help to farmers by offering loans, commodity price supports, conservation payments, and disaster assistance, but also extended the deadline for farmers to apply for such subsidies.
    On the same day, the Environmental Protection Agency completely ran out of their already pitiful amount of funds and were forced to put 95% of their employees on leave, leaving them with only the essential employees who work to prevent public health threats and the disaster response teams.
    By the end of the year, the FDA stopped all routine inspections, stopped a majority of their research activities, and stopped accepting approval applications for new drugs. Also, the National Park Service suspended all services, such as trash collection, road maintenance, and other things.
    In 2019, the problems have and will continue to pile on. Grants are not being renewed or issued at all by many underfunded departments, new product labels are not being approved, museums are closing, government funded programs that allocate benefits will be suspended and many, many, many federal workers will miss out on paychecks. Also, evictions and civil cases in court of law are being postponed and federal workers are calling in sick rather than working without pay. Although, Trump claims that the IRS will still be giving out tax refunds. When and with what workers? Who knows,.
    As of now, this shutdown is the longest in American history and it is not helping. If anything, it is making things worse. And this is all in the name of border security. Thanks, Obama. I mean Trump.