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First Woman on the Moon (2024)


In 2024 NASA will be sending the first ever American woman to go to the moon. Their plan of going to the moon hasn’t changed since 1972 but the timeline did, which means the moon has also changed so that will be exciting.

They will be using tons of Hydrogen and Oxygen, which creates rocket fuel so they won’t run out of fuel if they do land on the moon.

Why do they want to go back to the moon you ask? Well, it is helping them prepare the agency to go to Mars in the 2030’s. The agency needs to undergo a reorganization to prepare for its mission to Mars. They are going to experiment with the moon’s resources with the fuel thing, then if they’re confident enough they will go to Mars.

Although NASA needs more money so that they can follow through with the plan, they are working on a budget in 2020 so that they will have the money by 2024 and 2030.