Experts Say Bats are Probable Source for Coronavirus by Thomas Mallory


    Just a little knowledge because bats are being considered the cause of the coronavirus being spread through China (Gorman) . One bat can host many different viruses without getting sick. Bats have been the source for outbreaks in many countries, including Africa, Malaysia, Bangladesh & Australia. They’re thought to be a natural reservoir for the Ebola virus & Rabies virus, but in the case of the Rabies virus, they are also affected (Rettner). There tolerance to these viruses cannot be matched to any other living mammal. Bats eat a lot of disease-ridden bugs & Bats are animals that help the pollination of fruits, like mangoes, avocados & bananas. Bats are also really diverse & make up about ¼ of mammalian species. Their ability to coexist with these viruses that can infect other organisms so fast is really scary because they could infect livestock & we could mistakenly eat livestock that’s infected and get infected. Scientists in China were already studying bats, & were well aware that an outbreak like the current one was gonna happen. Bats are in every single continent except Antarctica, The ability to fly makes bats kind of like a disease crop duster but instead of crops its humans, and other animals. All around the world, People eat bats & sell them” live” in markets. Due to people eating and selling bats, “live” to other people was probably the source of SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome), which is also linked to the coronavirus. Bats are hosts to more Zoonosis (a disease that can be spread from animal to human or vice versa),than any other mammal (Hunt). Bats don’t just survive with the viruses they harbor them, & surprisingly bats can live a long time considering their size. Basically, Bats are “Disease spreading crop-dusters.” 


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