Egg Drop Contest


    On Friday, August 31st, Mrs. Lecher took her 6th grade class down to the football field bleachers to test out the kids’ projects for an egg drop contest.

    The egg drop consisted of 2 rounds. In the first round each team dropped their egg in their egg protection mechanism (which I will now refer to as EPMs) from the second to the top bleacher. There was a variety of types of EPMs. Some had parachutes attached to the top, some were connected to balloons and others seemed to just be rectangles. One of the teachers also got in on the fun of creating their own EPM. There were many EPMs that surpassed the first round and others that didn’t have the goods. One competitor, Nadia, who’s egg didn’t survive the first round said, “At least we tried.”

    The second round was for the competitors who succeeded in the first round. This round mostly consisted of balloon and parachute based EPMs and this time, they were dropped from the top bleacher. After the completion of the round, there were 7 winners. They were Tressa, Lamiya, Rein, Mehawee, Norma, Haini, and Amya.

    This fun activity was aimed at building the creativity of the students to prepare them for this new age of design and engineering. It also taught kids about the Scientific Method and how to protect and egg from gravity, pressure, inertia, and blunt force.