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Dogs… Man’s best friend.  Dogs originated from one of the world’s most talented killers – The Wolf. The dog (a descendant of a lean mean killing machine) is one of the cutest, loveliest, snuggily wuggily creatures in the world. Like to hunt? Get a dog. Are you athletic? Get a dog to run with you.  Need a last minute gift for a friend who invited you to their wedding but you spaced it off and remembered the day before? Get them a small, lovable, fluffy pupper to warm their heart. There are many types of dog breeds out there for all kinds of personalities: dogs that like to run, to swim, to sleep, to eat, to bark, to guard, to retrieve, to howl, and last but not least… to hunt.

Dogs have many different personalities and finding the right one for you might be difficult. Like most people who like to relax, you could get a Bull Dog or a Great Dane. Although a Great Dane is known for being great, great in height and length, and bull dogs love to drool and chew on stuff. People who like to be outdoors and explore  could get a golden retriever (they do come in many different colors) or a German Shepard or even a Doberman. It is a very good idea to do your research before going to your local dog pound, or in our case, strolling around the neighborhood for a lovable yet viscous Rez Dog.