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After three great seasons (four if you include The Defenders), the critically acclaimed Netflix Original TV series, Daredevil, has been canceled. This is not the first superhero show to be cancelled by Netflix. They have also brought an end to Luke Cage and Iron Fist. This has left many fans wondering, “What will happen next?” Well, Marvel gave their answer, but it’s not as direct as hoped.
After cancelling the show, Marvel released a statement that said, “We look forward to more adventures with the Man without Fear in the future.” What this could mean is that Marvel is looking into continuing the show on Disney’s upcoming streaming platform, Disney+. Now we aren’t exactly sure if this would mean the return of the old cast, or if they’re casting an entirely new crew or what, but it could be good news for fans.
One of the less likely possibilities is that Daredevil could be getting his own movie remake. Again, we’re still unsure of the casting situation. But as good as Daredevil was on Netflix, it is unlikely to come onto the big screen due to the difference in the size of the audiences that watched the Netflix series and the ones that watch the MCU movies. Plus, adding Daredevil to the MCU lineup would be a bit of an odd transition for the character. Hopefully, we get to see Daredevil in the future, whether it be on Disney+ or the big screen.