COVID Safety Important as Community Cases Spread by Aiden Bear


    As the covid cases in Winnebago start to die down, the more safety and prevention are a top priority. Winnebago recently saw an uptick in the number of cases reported, but they are beginning to decline. According to, in early November there were 31 active cases in town. That numbered dipped as low as 12 in November and then spiked back up to 28. With the numbers so unpredictable, preventive measures such as washing hands regularly, ot touching your face, wearing a mask, and trying not to go to any social gatherings are of utmost importance. The tribal health department is working hard on contract tracing to see where people caught COVID and who may have been exposed. Most exposure and infection can be traced back to social gatherings (Halloween parties, football gatherings, and other such events). Few to none were caught at the Winnebago Public School, so the students and staff have been doing an amazing job following safety precautions and keeping the virus out of the school. As the weather gets colder, people are moving inside. Government officials expect the next three weeks to see a huge surge in the number of cases. According to the New York Times, the US has seen 13.8 million cases and over 271,000 COVID related deaths. In Thurston County, 546 cases and 5 reported deaths. With no end in sight, it’s best we all hunker down, follow protocols, and wait for the promised vaccine.