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Cast for One Act Play Announced by Tasia Walker


This coming fall’s one-act play is called “The Haunted Carousel”. Auditions were held on the 11th and 12th of September. The cast was posted Friday 13th with rehearsals beginning the 16th. Performances are set for mid-November. Nearly 30 students signed up to auditions. Mrs. Brasch, who is in her 24th year of coaching/directing the one-act, reports that this is an all-time record. The co-director will be Miss Aleman our new first-grade teacher. 

Cast List: The Haunted Carousel

Carousel Barker: Toby Bassette

William’s Mother: Hahewi Tatum Morgan

German Woman: Angel Frenchman

Artist/Gypsi Woman: Alayah Frazier

1st young woman: Tasia Walker

1st young man: Orion Cox

2nd young man: Jakobe Mahon

2nd young woman: Gitana McClelland

3rd young woman: Angel Earth

3rd young man: Brandon Walker

Mother: Sae Doxey

Father: Alex George

Brooklyn Woman: Angel Frenchman

Harry: Antonio Robles


Whispers (Chorus):

Kecia Thomas

Angelina Rodriguez

Josephine Wolfleader

Florence Soap

Avantika A. Kumar

Janae Doxey

Amani (Ghostdog) Means


Spotlights: Airik Basett & Samantha Littlegeorge

Lights: Jaiden Payer

Sound:  Zeriah George & Elizah Masquat 

Other crew members will be assigned in late October.