Band for 5-12th Graders

Check Out Mr. G's Band Room!

I would like to inform you of a great opportunity for your student who is enrolled in Winnebago Public School. I am teaching band lessons free of charge to your child; as the district is paying all costs of the program. These lessons are going to be offered every Tuesday and Thursday in June and July on the following dates as stated below. They will start at 9:00 and go to 3:00. Each lesson will last 30 minutes. It is important to fill this lesson form and return it quickly as is possible. Each scheduled student will come in the main doors and go directly to the band room. Being on time is important. Available to students 5th grade – 12th grade.

Times are available in 30 minute slots. Starting from 9am and go til 3:30pm every Tuesday and Thursday, starting on June 22nd (Two weeks after school lets out for the summer)

Please pick the best time for your student, remember to sign up as many of the four dates as possible. Please pick first preference and second preference for EACH date (example: John 1st & 2nd). I will do my best to give you the dates/times you have requested. After the forms have been returned, I will put a schedule together.

Please ask your student to return this paper to Mr. Garthoff. If you have any conflicts after the schedule is made, please contact me in one of two ways: or call/text me at 402-302-0561.