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So as some of you may know I put up a box just outside of Stoner’s room. The box is an ask box. How it works is, you have to pick up one of the papers found next to the box, write me a letter, (question) and I will answer back the best I can. Make sure your handwriting is good, aight? Aight. By the way, don´t be shy, it´ll literally only take you a good 10 seconds to ask me anything you want, hell it could be a joke, I like whacky jokes.

Enough of that! Now I will answer some of the questions you lot asked me. You know who you are.
Okay so the first question is from a ¨concerned teacher¨.
Q: How can we help students be more self driven learners?
A: Well first of all screw you for calling me one of these students, ha! I´m just playing around with ya. But one way you could motivate these kids to get better grades, and to continue to do better in school is just simply listen to what they want and do the best in your power to make the simple things they need come true, such as just playing music in the classroom, or maybe rewarding them with a last few minutes of free time or something. Also, give them your personal attention, a little one on one real talk time. Now there´s that option, or you could just be an og and call up their parents and say ay! Your kid is being a little turd. They’ll understand.

Alright so the next one I have here is from uh..Nothing. Nice name dude, or dudette. So let me get into your question.
Subject: ¨I don´t know you so , HI.¨
A: Hey, how´s it going dude, or dudette.

Okay that one was simple and easy, but for this next one I had a little trouble reading, but I´ll do my best to try and decrypt this letter.
Q: ¨I don´t know how to ollie proper. I was thinking maybe you could talk me through it. Also having trouble communicating with people¨.

A: Alright lil homie, I ain´t no skateboard professional but I played a good bit of Skate 3, and I went off on that game. So first of all what you wanna do is  put your foot on the skateboard, well put both of your feet on the skateboard and then just like do a weird looking kickflip or something. Look man I dunno, look up a video or somethin.
And to that trouble with communicating with other peeps, you just have to like slip into anyone’s conversation and just say, hey how you doin?