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Art News…. By Mr. Mette


Welcome back to school! It seemed like a short summer but then time flies when you are having fun!

The supplies have been handed out, sketchbooks bought, lockers assigned, pretest taken and lots of notes taken as the art classes begin their studies. I look forward to a creative and fun year.

There are 2 Art I classes this year. They have been looking at what is and isn’t art and who helps us decide, perception, creativity and aesthetics. They have looked at the roles of the artist and the important role of the observer. They are now in the studio working with the basic art elements of line and shape. They have drawn objects descriptively and expressively. They are currently creating a painting using a specific type of shape. Next up is the importance of both positive and negative shapes in artistic compositions.

The Drawing I class is also in the studio for the fall semester. They are learning the language of drawing and have just completed a descriptive line still life image in charcoal. Currently the students are creating a large image using specific criteria as a non-representational drawing. Non-representational means the artist is not creating a recognizable image but is relying on lines, shapes and value to make the drawing.

The Ceramics I-II class has completed making clay and they have been learning about the basic hand building techniques. They have completed pinch pots and are currently working on their second coil form. They will also be learning the specialized language of the clay artist. Soon they will be learning the steps needed to glaze their forms successfully. The students in the advanced class are working on their own course of study, whether hand built or wheel thrown forms. So far everyone seems to like getting dirty.

The Art II-III group has spent some time with mixed media to get back into the swing of making images. They have completed an eye drawing and an enlargement of a musical instrument. They are currently working with the design principle of balance in a series of images. They have completed a formal balance design and are working on an image with a Native American theme. This group is also working on a series of drawing called “Drawing As Inquiry” in their sketchbooks. The advanced student is working on a drawing unit during the 9 weeks of this quarter.

There is no junior high art this year due to scheduling of the two Art I classes and the expanded 7th period in the high school.

Feel free to stop by the art room and see what your young artist is up to. I appreciate your continuing support of the art program.


Mr. Mette, art instructor