Alumni Spotlight: Treivan Bear by Isaiah Armell


    Treivan Bear is a 2013 graduate of WPS. After high school, he went to Morningside college but left when his daughter was born. He attended LPTC for one year as well.  He currently lives in Winnebago and he has two children (and a third on the way) with his girlfriend, Marisol. He is the head coach of the girls’ basketball team, and it’s his first year being an assistant coach for football. He also works in the school as a para.  His favorite teacher was Joe Gubbels and, of course, Mr. Goos, and his favorite school subject was art. His best high school memories are sports and competing with friends. He feels like kids today as WPS have more opportunities than he did when he came here, such as Robotics, Band, The Academy, and others. His advice for students today is to, “Cherish the time around your friends, but to remember that you’re here to learn and the teachers are there to teach, so show them respect”. Thanks, Treivan, for letting us catch up with you and for returning to WPS to help coach a whole new generation. Enjoy the “blast from the past” photo of Treivan back in the day  (photo credit: Facebook post).