Alumni Spotlight: Deanna Urbanec by Isaiah Armell


    Deanna Urbanec is one of the kindergarten teachers here at WPS.  She graduated from WPS in 1996. She’s married to Colby Gordon and has 3 children and 1 grandchild: sons- Kevin 25, Kyle 22, and R.J. 17 and granddaughter Morning Bird 3.  In high school,  she participated in speech, one-acts, basketball, volleyball, yearbook, track, cheerleading, and she was student manager football and boys’ basketball. Her best memory of high school was spending time with friends and doing sports. She says the school has more activities to be involved in since she came here. Her favorite teacher was Mark Casey who taught history. Her advice for high school students today is to, “Work hard and try your best. Enjoy high school and make good memories.”

    Editor’s Note: Sorry, Mrs. Urbanec. I don’t have any pictures of you when you were in high school. I don’t keep them from “that long” ago. We’ll have to do with your faculty badge picture.